Thursday, January 21, 2010

TeachMideast is a new website from the Middle East Policy Council that offers K-12 teachers a smorgasbord of fresh resources on the Middle East, Islam and Muslim societies. It utilizes Google Earth, to showcase many lesser-known aspects of the Middle East in tours that bring the region to life. The site also connects teachers, students and the general public to a variety of other resources, including background essays, articles by prominent scholars, lesson plans and activities, presentations, images, and more. The site is organized thematically, with resources on stereotypes and realities, geography, history, religion, peoples and languages, culture, current issues and pedagogy. This organization helps teachers to quickly find the kind of information they need for their classes. There is also a search function that allows teachers to search for information by country, subject and grade level.

A blog feature on the site also allows the education team at MEPC to showcase exceptional new resources and to take advantage of "teachable moments" in the headlines. The blog gives teachers new ways to approach the subjects about which their students have the most questions.


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