Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Viva La France

We're to that point in World History where we discuss the French Revolution. This is one of the most important moments in Western History and deserves to be covered more in depth that I have time for in class. I start off the class with a very, very quick video (created by an AP European History class in the North East) on the causes and immediate effects of the Revolution.

The students also get to explore a little themselves. They complete the webquest on my homepage (http://mrkeatley.wik.is) which helps them to achieve an understanding of how the different groups of people viewed and participated in the revolution. It combines the information they just learned on the Enlightenment and lets them utilize the information. Eventually, we will combine the Enlightenment, Greek thought, the French Revolution and the Haitian revolt as the catalyst for British expansion and the eventual Industrial Revolution, which will change/influence the entire world.

The studnents are not as excited as I am about the prospect of finally getting to world history and not glorified regional history. I will post links, video and pictures as soon as I can.


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