Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Duke lacrosse and Don Imus

The players from the Duke lacrosse team that were arrested for rape have been cleared and Don Imus has been booted from the visual side of MSNBC. For some reason people seem to be connecting these two events because they involve black women.

Before I continue I must say that I do not condone what Don Imus says and, to be honest, do not listen to the man unless there are commercials on every other radio station I have preset. However, I do know that he has a track record of saying silly things and this one got caught by the national media. Now, Mr. Imus is being taken across the coals for his comments. Oh well, he is a public figure on a public radio station that said things that a large amount of the public does not like. As a private institution, MSNBC, can do as they please with this man.

The Duke lacrosse thing is very different and as sad as the entire situation is, it shows how good our judicial system can be. The students should have been arrested, there was enough evidence to do so. After the arrest there was an investigation and the students were released. This is what the judicial system is all about. Not withstanding, I do feel the pain of the students whom endured months of agony; however, they have learned to not be in places like this and do things like they did. I hope that the young lady who falsely reported gets punished and that the students can go on living their lives.

Racism is alive and well in the United States and around the world. No, it is not as bad as it was 10, 20, or 30 years ago; however, racism still exists. We can still feel the sting of imperialism and colonialism. To this day we still determine who we are by who we are not; a line of thinking that is only 200 years old. When we stop defining ourselves this way then we will start to close the divide between races in the United States and the world.


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