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Analysis of World History

In a first of its kind attempt, this book constructs human history from the scriptures of various religions including Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. Conclusions are drawn and connected to the various archaeological findings, linguistics, worldwide conflagrations, beliefs, cultural practices including festival celebrations, local legends, etc. In a complete rewrite of current history books, the book meticulously constructs a detailed history of civilized man, 19000 years in the making. The book, written in an easy to read prose for any educated person, attempts to take the reader closer to his/her roots than any history book has ever done. For the first time, the book shows the precise way in which the religions of Vaishnavism, Saivism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity were born. The lost religious and cultural history is unearthed.

You can read excerpts from the book by clicking on the links in the side navigation panel. The following are a few reviews received for the book until now.

"The book 19,000 Years of World History by Prithviraj R is an exceptional book filled with knowledge. I cannot believe all of the research the author had to do to put this truly amazing book together.

The author used past history and scriptures from many religions to help bring together the history of man in twenty-one chapters. Not only that, findings from beliefs, linguistics, cultural practices and more are used to tie man's history altogether.

19,000 Years of World History starts out with some fascinating facts about different cultures and religions. For instance, have you ever wondered how religions started? Here is an excerpt from the book on how Buddhism was borne:

'There was a mighty drought of three hundred years around
2200 BC (Before Christ), spanning India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and
other regions. Buddhism was born out of the despondency of this
drought. People suffered so much that they lost all faith in a
compassionless, useless God and converted to Buddhism in large

Do you know how many languages are spoken in the world today? I was stunned when I read it is 449 languages! Not only that but the 449 languages share vocabulary and language structures. It is fascinating to learn in the book,19000 Years of World History, how things seem different in other countries from your own yet somehow all tie in together.

A timeline with events that have happened in our past is very helpful to outline what has previously taken place in our history.

Information about different religions is given to help you understand how they started and what they are all about. Once reading this, you will easily understand all of the remarkable information throughout the book.

I sincerely learned so much from this detailed book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about his or her roots, the person who is a history buff, the person who enjoys reading and learning about religion and the person that wants to learn more about history and religion.

I also think this book would be fantastic for all college students on the planet to read in one of their credit classes. I would like for high school students to read this book, but since we cannot really teach about religion in schools, (in the United States of America) I am not sure if this book would be able to be read, taught and tested on. I think this book would help people to understand each other better on their beliefs as well."


19000 Years of World History: The Story of Religion is the greatest history on religion book I have ever read. I do enjoy reading about all history as well as watching documentaries on history. This book really covered a lot. The book is simple to read and it is enjoyable. You do not feel like you are reading an old dull history book as some of them can be in school.

Prithviraj Rathod spent an enormous amount of time bringing all of this interesting and history-filled information together.

You will be as amazed as I am on how all religions tie in together. I like the timeline in the beginning of the book so you read what happened in each year.

You will read how it is believed that Jesus did not die on the cross. I highly recommend this book to learn as much as possible about the history of religions around the world.


”19000 Years of World History: The Story of Religion” is an excellent easy to read book that constructs a historical timeline for man as seen from the perspective of several different religions. The book exposes many similarities between the religions through its exploration of archeology, history, and geography. The author has obviously researched these subjects extensively and has presented it in this comprehensive book for everyone to read.

This book should not be rushed, but rather like a fine wine should be enjoyed and savored chapter by chapter. Everyone from the historian, to the religious enthusiast, to the mildly curious will enjoy reading this book. There is something new to learn on every page which keeps the reader interested and thirsting for more.

- Lonna Harrison, review posted on Lulu.com


19,000 Years of World History is a very fascinating book. Up to a few years ago, I would have walked away from reading this type of book! especially since it seems daunting AND is about religion, however, at this point in my life, I found that this book was actually a little gem of information.

Covering the very, very interesting and fascinating subject of the origins of some of the most important religions in the world. Indeed, 19,000 Years of World History takes us from the fascinating beginning of these religions and explores how each of these has molded itself into the religions that we know today.

I have often wondered why Buddhism has the practices and beliefs that it has (this is a particular interest to me). Being Catholic, I have also often wondered about the meaning behind certain activities such as the collection plate.

Surprisingly, this book is not dry and boring and loaded with dull facts. It somehow manages to give us all the information we need, without making us feel as though we are reading a dry and boring textbook.

I also felt that this book was quite ambitious as it covers many different religions and was quite amazed to discover how many similarities these religions actually share.

Very interesting book.


"19000 Years of World History: The Story of Religion, is a literary gem for any historian or religious studies enthusiast. This eloquently written book is well researched and convincing to the end; especially considering numerous angles were taken to address the subjects of linguistics, religion, archeology, geography, and history, which, are all woven together to make one solid argument. I particularly enjoyed the fact that all the western religions discussed were treated equally and expanded upon to equivalent degrees. Prithvi has written a dissertation that is easy to follow and enjoyable to read, and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested the subjects discussed."

- Jennifer, http://www.readerspoils.com/ Review, She reviews several books on Amazon.com, will post her review once the book becomes available on Amazon.


"This is a good piece of work and I can see it becoming great.

This manuscript is interesting. Not only is the idea a good one; many readers will be able to relate to this material. Many, many readers will benefit from reading this material, and they will thank you for writing this manuscript.

I am impressed with your knowledge of this material and the way that you have presented this information. You have put a great deal of work and thought into this manuscript and the readers will greatly appreciate it. You have brought up many interesting points and there will be many informative, interesting, and intellectual discussions over this work Nicely done. This material will be memorable for years to come. I sincerely wish you luck with this endeavor."

- Cynthia, Literary Critic, http://www.writersliterary.com/


"It is a thoroughly comprehensive and provocative analysis of world history as viewed through the lens of religious doctrine. I am neither a theologian nor a historian, but I found the book to be both eye-opening and interesting. I was raised a Catholic, but I am now, I suppose, what most people would call a lapsed Catholic. I have always been interested in religion even if I would no longer call myself religious. The book added a lot of evidence to what have long been my own beliefs about the religion in which I was indoctrinated. I am totally persuaded by the overall argument, even if I have a hard time buying some specific assertions, such as the fact that some civilization could have had nuclear bombs and airplanes thousands of years ago."

- Chris Yurko, Professional Critic and Editor at a reputed Publishing House; He professionaly edited this book.


"There are so many facts, non-fictions, mentioned prophets, and various religions identified; this is simply explained as a book about time, its beliefs and the discrepancies of who existed when and how all evolved with their practice of faith. What do you believe? All religions presented had one thing in common; as it was being practiced they (all) were taught the history.

What can be shown and proven within the pages by the author is research, Prithviraj Rathod provided multitudes, which revealed the environment, land, and structures, which has helped us in understanding the timeframes mentioned, throughout the book. Another interest is the discussion of all the unique legends, the faiths had throughout time, and how well the author captured and described them. In the end there no “Good” and “Evil” it was how it was perceived by whom it was practiced and believed.

You’re not able to absorb all the information in one sitting. This is a book meant to be read and re-read. Although, you do pick up something different each time you turn a page even if you’ve read it again to tie in its meaning with the chapter. Even though it was long, I felt the author made this book very interesting and worth the time."

- Mary Stanhope, http://www.readerspoils.com/ Review, She reviews several books on Amazon.com, will post her review once the book becomes available on Amazon.


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