Thursday, January 14, 2010

Onward to Europe

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This is the most popular section of World History for the students (I prefer ancient Persia) and I cannot imagine why. The Early and High Middle Ages do not contain ground shaking material. There are no huge innovations in politics or society; no large intellectual achievements; really nothing. The case can be made for the revolution of economic systems (manorialism) but even the Europeans abandoned this. In addition, vestiges of the manorial system can be seen centuries earlier under the Roman System, still nothing special.

Nonetheless, Europe must be covered and this section does lay the foundation for Europe in the future. Below are the notes for the section on Early Europe to the High Middle Ages; below the SlideShow are some questions for reflection and review.

If you read the blog and find it useful, let me know and I will continue to put assignments (optional assignments).

Here are some questions to ask yourself after reading the SlideShow:
1)What is the significance of Clovis's conversion to Christianity?
2) Who were the Vikings? What were the motivations behind their behavior? What were their accomplishments? How did they disrupt European society?
3) What was the significance of the invention of the heavy plow for European economy?
4) How did monasticism develop in early medieval Europe?
5) What was the significance of the monasteries to the European society and economy?


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