Monday, December 7, 2009

Religion-A Crime Against Humanity

Religions have spilled so much blood, that the butchers of history stand in their shadows.

Genocidal killings such as the ones perpetrated by Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot are considered by all human rights experts as the worst cases of crimes against humanity. However, those have actually been minor misdemeanors in comparison to the crimes committed by religions.

By most standards, the great Greek philosopher Socrates is considered the father of science for he was the first to insist on the need to explain everything logically. He sought the truth and claimed that the truth could only be uncovered after carefully observing the physical world and then making a rational analysis of it. That is precisely what science is all about.

That impressive Athenian nonetheless, was murdered in the year 399 B.C. by religion. He was murdered because he dared point at the numerous inconsistencies of religion. Greek priests accused him of mocking the Gods and corrupting the young with his irreverent ideas, and forced him to drink hemlock.

Socrates however was not the first scientist to die at the hands of religion. He was just the first relevant figure to be recorded in history. There were thousands of others before him and millions more after him.

Religions have caused countless wars and are directly or indirectly responsible for the large majority of armed conflicts through history. Although wars have killed billions, they have been a minor cause of death in comparison to disease. Illness has been the main killer of human beings.

Diseases however, are fundamentally the result of poverty and poverty always occurs when a nation lacks science and technology. Since religions have systematically opposed science and have been the main hindrance of progress, it falls logically that the belief in God has been the main cause of diseases.

Therefore, the amount of human beings that were butchered by such psychopaths as Hitler and Stalin is nothing in comparison to the ones that died as a result of the retrograde position of the Church.

It does not matter if what kills a person is a sword, a bullet or an illness. The only thing that matters is staying alive for that is what everybody wants. Up to the eighteenth century for example, about 20% of Europeans and North Americans died of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an easy to cure disease with antibiotics, but such a discovery came into being only until 1928 when Alexander Fleming invented penicillin.

Such a discovery would have surely appeared centuries earlier had the Church not repressed, jailed, and murdered so many brilliant men and women. It was not just the ones it killed who were refrained from making great discoveries, but also the ones who never delved into science for fear of experiencing what Giordano Bruno and many others suffered. That Italian astronomer was jailed, tortured, and burned at the stake in the year 1600. His sin: exposing the stupidity of the Vatican’s celestial theories.

There is nothing that has brought more harm to humanity than religion and as such the different creeds of this world are the biggest criminals of all times. Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Hitler, and Pol Pot are petty thieves in comparison to what religions have done.


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