Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Lost Keys and the Power of Motivated Search Parties

At some point early last week I lost my keys, and thus began many days spent in frustrated searching for them. I searched all over my house, retraced my steps to a variety of external destinations, and still there was no sign of my keys.

Part of the problem is related to my lack of interest in driving, as the last few trips I made out of the house before losing the keys were while my wife drove. Thus, a span of about three days existed between the times that I definitively knew my keys were missing and when I knew that they were gone.

I hit upon an idea and carried it to fruition that helped solve the mystery today, though. I announced to my visiting children that anyone who found the keys would be the recipient of $25 in reward funds, and within 10 minutes my youngest daughter - who paused from her participation in a live chat - found the keys in the couch cushions. I would have sworn that I thoroughly searched that couch, but found is found.

Besides, I would have spent four times that amount of money in getting new keys and locks made, since three of the keys were for one of my employers, and they charge a hefty fee to replace keys lost by careless employees. Add to this the peace of mind in knowing that my keys have not fallen into criminal hands, and I say that $25 is a small price indeed to pay.


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